Another Candle Blown

Birthdays are best celebrated with a whole lot of people. Although there were only 6 present during my friend Regie’s birthday, that crowd is enough, considering my partial introversion. It’s also a big enough group for a clique that ceases to be present at social and school gatherings (Yet our attendance in report cards are bewilderingly unmarred… This rather makes me question my presence :(:( but I’m not complaining  :D).

Regie’s actual birthday is on Friday, but we decided to celebrate it yesterday, Tuesday, because we can’t keep the cake in the dorm fridges for too long because the texture and the taste go awry after too long on the shelf — it was brought to the dorm last Sunday — and other dormers might gulp it down before we could have a bite (this happens way too often at the dorms).

Unfortunately, students that were not born in summer have to celebrate their birthdays in school. Actually, I’m not certain if this is unfortunate, but we do miss out on a nice dinner, since the neighboring city is about 15 mins away and we’re usually allowed only an hour out on weekdays (Delivery is also hella expensive).

Anyway, I’ve been with my friends since 8th grade, and ever since 9th grade, we practice this tradition of having a feast for each one of our birthdays (9 birthdays in a year) and the celebrator doesn’t pay. Our very first food festival consisted of some 10 people, 10 enormous boxes of pizza, a whole lot of sides, and too much coke. At the time, we were only able to finish half of everything, so we had to give the food away. On my last birthday, which I shared with Amir (Those with adjacent birthdates share the same feast to save on cash), it was during the dorm Christmas party so we asked to go out for 2 hours to buy gifts, but instead we went to have a nice dinner at a Chinese restaurant that might be a tad too pricey for students. After each birthday, we starve for maybe a week or two since we spend a bulk of our money on the feast (’tis retribution) 😄😄😄.

For the friends who weren’t present at the time

So, Regie’s turning 18, she’s the oldest of us 9. I follow, although I’m turning only 17 in November. We’ve only gotten her a cake from this shop that’s famous for its carrot cakes, and we’re still planning on what to eat on her birthday. She said she wants Chinese though, and maybe a  karaoke session after. We always have these karaoke and Just Dance sessions when we hit the arcade. I hope I don’t run out of cash too quickly, it looks I might. 😵😵😵

My railing has been reattached, by the way. :>