The Charm of Folk Music

Picture yourself in a forest. In that forest all that surrounds you are patches of grass, critters and deer, birds softly chirping, and a river gushing south of wherever you are. A constant breeze blows through your hair and the weather has never felt any better in your life. While tranquility accompanies you, your problems seem to vanish into the wind. This is the epitome of bliss.

Why don’t I just give you the picture? Imagination requires energy 森の中で | ガガ [pixiv]
You stop at a rock to enjoy the view for a while, and just behind the rock is a finely tuned guitar, would you play a song? In all honesty, I’d probably just bring out an iPod and ignore the guitar, but I’d be disrespecting the scenery that way. Had I been good at playing instruments (and singing in this case), then perhaps I’d sing to myself a folk song.
I’ve always been a fan of folk music. I enjoy how folk music has evolved, and its sound has become much more intricate in the past decades. I might have never enjoyed the sound of an accordion, had it not been coupled with a well-written verse.

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I’m especially fond of the lyrics of folk music. I’m a sucker for well-written verses. For me, it’s very important for a song to relay its story, and given the simple riffs of folk music, words play a huge role in completing the song. The songs don’t have to be lengthy and smothered with words, it just has to be written heartily. (The very popular White Winter Hymnal by Fleet Foxes repeats the same verse all throughout the song, apart from the repetitive first line).
To anyone who’s watched Inside Llewyn Davis, a stellar film, you’d know how difficult it is for a folk singer to make a name for himself in the music industry (not folk singers especially, however). Even if folk music has evolved to a singer-songwriter sound, it only clicks with a very selective group of people. Although it is the sort of music you might hear in a movie or in the cafe, it’s not the sort of music you’d look up on Spotify or buy an album of. A lot of folk singers independently produce their own songs, so their music isn’t as easy to buy or listen to as compared to other songs, but even those under a record label struggle to make a living.

Aren’t we all, Llewyn?

Folk music isn’t glamorous, but it’s composed wholeheartedly. Guys, I just wish a lot more people would recognize folk music, so that this field in the music industry won’t be forgotten. Though, I don’t believe it will ever vanish, I’m just worried that people will produce less folk songs, and I can’t let that happen. :):)
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