New Things


Though they say that there are plenty of fish in the sea, I happen to like being alone in the vast waters. However, it becomes difficult to cope with reality when you keep: failing at making conversations, clarifying your awkward gestures, and refusing invitations to make acquaintances. So in an effort to expand my world, I’m trying out blogging for the first time, and, hopefully, it turns out to be a pleasant experience. I’ve often been told to be more active on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, but I, somehow, don’t feel comfortable posting my thoughts, knowing that whoever will read them will know who I am. I might not be ready for the criticism that will be hurled at the real me. I’d much rather create a personality online that I can detach myself from as soon as I log out of WordPress. However, I’m trying to overcome this covert fear of criticism, and I can’t simply act as if who I am here on WordPress isn’t any sort of facet of myself in reality. I’ll have to understand the opinions and, hopefully, I’ll turn out to be more sociable. I’m looking forward to trying new things that will encourage me to discover what the world beyond my walls looks like. I hope it isn’t as fearsome as I imagine it to be. :>


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